AP* Retreat, Taipei
Date: 24 February 2008
Venue: B2 (Magnolia + Narcissus), Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei
Co-Chairs: Mr. Ching Chiao, DotAsia & Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut, intERLab/AIT


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Contribution: USD50/USD100
Agenda (ver.4.0 as of 15/02/08)

09:00-09:10 1. Agenda Bashing

09:10-09:20 2. Roll Call

09:20-10:00 3. AP* Organizations and Meeting Reports            
                    APNIC – Mr. Paul Wilson [Presentation]
                    APOPS – Mr. Philip Smith  [Presentation]
                    APCERT - Mr. Jia-Chyi Wu [Presentation]
                    APIA/ APRICOT - Mr. Gaurab Raj Upadhaya [Presentation]

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-11:30 AP* Organizations and Meeting Reports (continued) 
                   AP IPv6 Task Force - Dr. Ching-Heng Ku [Presentation]
                   DotAsia – Mr. Edmon Chung [Presentation]
                   APNG – Mr. Tommy Matsumoto [Presentation]
                   APNG Camp – Ms. Wit Hmone T. Latt
                   ABS – Prof. Toru Takahashi [Presentation]

11:30-12:00 Digital Archive Project by Dr. Simon Lin, Academia Sinica
                   Developing a Botnet Mitigation Toolkit by Mr. Suresh Ramasubramanian 
                   [Presentation Submission only]


12:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:30 Chunghwa Telecom's Crisis Management in Response to Taiwan Earthquake Disaster
                   - Mr. Jackie Kuo, Senior Engineer, International Business Group, Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

14:30-15:00 APTLD – Mr. Don Hollander
                   APRALO – Mr. Izumi AIZU [Presentation]
                   ICANN Regional Update by Mr. Save Vocea [Presentation]

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break

15:30-17:00 Any other business and Future Meetings

19:00-21:00 "AP* Dinner" sponsored by DotAsia
                   3rd Floor, Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei
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