AP* Virtual Retreat

(In Conjunction with  APRICOT/APNIC 53)

Meeting Date10:00 to 13:30 (UTC +07:00)   27 February 2022  (Time Converter)

Venue:  Online (Zoom)


Co-Chairs:  Sylvia Cadena (APNIC Foundation) and Khan Md. Mahfuzus Salam (APNG)


Technical Host for ZoomUddhav Guragain AP* Secretariat and TBA


 Registration     Registration list



Agenda and Schedule


 10.00 – 10.10

Opening and Welcome Remarks by Co-chairs

Agenda bashing and suggestions for the discussion session.

 10.10 - 11.40

Lightning Round: Each participant has 3-5 minutes to introduce themselves and the work of their organization (information and support slides to be posted on the meeting site) 

Registered Participants

SN Name Organization
1 Brook Schofield APAN
2 Philip Smith APNOG Ltd
3 Yoshinobu Matsuzaki IIJ/APNOG
4 CikutaSep CikutaSep
5 Ole J. Jacobsen APNOG Board
6 Byambajargal Unitel LLC
7 Jia-Rong Low ICANN
8 Hiro Hotta JPRS
9 Kanchana Kanchanasut intERLab/AIT
10 Duncan Macintosh APNIC Foundation
11 Tommy Matsumoto APNG, DotAsia
12 Gihan Dias U Moratuwa
13 Paul Wilson APNIC
14 Sylvia Cadena APNIC Foundation
15 Khan Md. Mahfuzus Salam APNG
16 Marcos Sadao Maekawa APNIC Foundation
17 Maureen Hilyard ALAC & PICISOC
19 fardus hossen Genfive Technology
20 David Dawson APNIC Foundation
21 Cathlene Corcoran APNIC Foundation 
22 Charles Mok Stanford GDPi 
23 Sunny Chendi APNIC
24 Rior Santos ITU
25 Edmon Chung DotAsia Organisation
26 Satish Babu  APRALO/APSIG
27 Rey Padilla intERLab/ AIT
28 Uddhav Guragain  intERLab/AIT


 11.40 - 11.50


 11.50 - 12.50

Presentation Session: moderated by Co-Chairs

SN Name Organization Topic
1 Jia-Rong Low ICANN Universal Acceptance of domain names.[PDF]
2 Rior Santos ITU ITU' Plan 2022[PDF]
3 Charles Mok Stanford GDPi   Digital Policy Monitor[PDF]
4 Dancan Macintosh APNIC Foundation  Investing in Internet Development[PDF]

 12.50 -  13.20 Discussion
Co-chairs will invite agenda items for discussion from the participants

 13.20 - 13.30

Wrap Up

  • Any Other Business (AOB)
  • Next meeting 
  • Nomination Next Co-chairs 
  • Online Photo session 
  • Closing


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