AP* Retreat

(In Conjunction with APRICOT 2023 / APNIC 55)

Meeting Date09:30 to 16:00 (UTC +08:00), 26 February 2023 (Time Converter)

Venue: Sofitel Philippines Plaza Manila, the Philippines

Session Format: Hybrid Mode (In-person + Remote Participants)


Co-Chairs: Satish Babu (APSIG/ALAC) and Vincent "Achie" Atienza (PhNOG & APNIC EC)




Agenda and Schedule


09:30 –09:35

Opening and Welcome Remarks by Satish Babu

Agenda bashing and suggestions for the discussion session.

09:35 –  09:40

Obituary for Toru Takahashi

Remembering one of the pioneers of the Internet in the AP region.

09:40 – 10:00

Participants’ Self-Introductions:

Each participant has 1-2 minutes to introduce themselves and the work of their organization (information and support slides to be posted on the meeting site).


Registered Participants*






Hiro Hotta



Maemura Akinori

JPNIC – Japan Network Information Center


Kanchana Kanchanasut

Internet Education and Research Lab, AIT


Maureen Hilyard



Tommy Matsumoto



Che-Hoo Cheng



Cheryl Langdon-Orr

Internet Australia; NetThing MSC


Magie Antonio



David Vivian

APNIC Foundation


Savenaca Vocea



Yuri Takamatsu



Jenna Manhau Fung



Rajnesh Singh

Internet Society


Kazuhiro Kitamura

Japan Registry Services


John Garrity

USAID's Better Access and Connectivity (BEACON) Activity

16 Amrita Choudhury APRALO
17 Ivan Kenley Amo Obelidor Rahi Global Technologies
18 Sunyoung Yang APNG
19 Charles Mok Tech for Good Asia
20 Ole J. Jacobsen The Internet Protocol Journal / APNOG Board
21 Bea Guevara NetMission DotAsia
22 Carlos Rey-Moreno Association for Progressive Communications
23 Paul Wilson APNIC
24 K Mohan Raidu Internet Society India Hyderabad Chapter
25 Md. Jahangir Hossain Internet Society Bangladesh
26 Ananda Gautam Youth IGF Nepal
27 David Dawson APNIC Foundation
28 Jordan Carter auDA
29 Philip Smith Asia Pacific Network Operators Group / APRICOT


Pavel Farhan

Internet Education and Research Lab, AIT


Session 1: The Local and Regional Internet Landscape | 10:00 – 11:30

10:00 – 10:30

The Philippines Internet Landscape – Vincent “Achie” Atienza + Q&A  [PDF]

(30 minutes)


Abstract: The material intends to provide an overview of the key Internet Infrastructure in the Philippines. It is also formatted to provide visual reference of the distribution across the three major island groups, and highlight the essential information for interconnection. This covers Subsea facilities, Data Centers and Internet eXchange Points among others, that makes up the growing Internet landscape. Finally, this wraps up with local perspectives that drive the continuous evolution of the Philippines Internet.

10:30 – 11:30

Community Networks: Small scale networking to bridge the digital divide

– John Garrity, Kanchana Kanchanasut, Jon Brewer, Carlos Rey-Moreno + Q&A [PDF]

(60 minutes)


Abstract: Traditional network operators and network designs struggle to provide meaningful universal connectivity. Smaller scale networks can be part of the solution, especially for remote populations. The presentation will provide an overview of Community Network activities in the region. It will briefly cover technologies, business models and sustainability issues, and will explore opportunities for replication.

11:00 – 11:20

Tea Break

Session 2: APNIC & APNIC Foundation | 11:20 – 12:00

11:20 – 11:40

APNIC Academy by Che-Hoo Cheng + Q&A [PPT]

(20 minutes)


Abstract: APNIC Academy is the name for APNIC's training programs on topics related to Internet infrastructure. It provides online, self-paced training, including Virtual Labs, as well as registering for live, instructor-led training events (held online, in-person, or as a hybrid). The platform also has course materials and can be used to request technical assistance. Attendees of the AP* Retreat should take an interest in understanding APNIC Academy to improve collaboration and capacity building among AP* organizations in training.

11:40 – 11:50

M-Root DNS Deployment with APNIC Foundation's support

– Hiro Hotta and Kazuhiro Kitamura + Q&A [PPT]

(10 minutes)


Abstract: In late 2020, WIDE Project, JPRS, and APNIC started their joint project, which aims to deploy M-Root DNS instances globally with focus on AP region. The project is also endorsed and supported by APNIC Foundation. The status of the project will be presented. Your suggestions and/or comments are most welcomed.


11:50 – 12:00

Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects – David Vivian + Q&A [PPT]

(10 minutes)


Abstract: On behalf of APNIC Foundation, David would like to present their work on monitoring and evaluation of their projects. This presentation will cover an overview of what monitoring and evaluation (M&E) entails, the Foundation's efforts in M&E in alignment with their organizational strategy, the challenges they face, and their goals for the next three years.


12:00 – 13:00

Discussion and Breakout Session I

13:00 – 14:30

Lunch Break

Session 3: Youth and Internet Governance in AP Region | 14:30 – 15:10

14:30 – 14:50

Multistakeholder model in action: Lessons & Advice for Gen XYZ in leadership for digital policymaking – Jenna Fung & Bea Guevara + Q&A [PDF]

(20 minutes)


Abstract: The multistakeholder model is the foundation of Internet governance discourse. To sustain the development of Internet governance, we need participation from all stakeholders, especially the next generation. But how are we going to make sure our community and the policymaking discussion process are inclusive enough? In this presentation, members of NetMission.Asia will present some suggestions for financial, operational, and individual aspects of the community, to achieve diversity and inclusion together. This presentation integrated theory with real-life examples of the good and bad faced by youth initiatives. This presentation aims to provide insights from the perspective of youth and young individuals in leadership. By showcasing examples of work initiated and led by NetMission, the youth wishes to illustrate a concrete plan on how we can encourage more constructive collaboration among stakeholders, and how to support each other for more meaningful discussion and outputs, as well as creating a sustainable environment for the next generation by helping them with career development in the field. This presentation is formed based on the capacity-building experience and ongoing research groups run within the NetMission alumni network, Asia Pacific Youth IGF 2022 Report, and an article written by the program manager of NetMission Academy.


14:50 – 15:10

The Importance of Youth in Developing Internet Infrastructure in the Asia Pacific Region – Sunyoung Yang and Khan Md. Mahfuzus Salam + Q&A [PDF]

(20 minutes)


Abstract: This presentation highlights the vital role that the rapidly growing youth population in the Asia Pacific region plays in the development of robust and inclusive internet infrastructure. Emphasis is placed on the need for targeted programs and initiatives aimed at providing the skills, technologies, and vision necessary for young people to contribute to this development. The presentation showcases the activities of APNG (Asia Pacific Next Generation) in this regard and the importance of inter-Asian, inter-sectional, and inter-generational collaborations. This presentation aims to emphasize the critical importance of investing in digital education and empowerment for the youth to realize their full potential and drive sustainable growth in the Asia Pacific region.


15:10 – 16:00

Discussion and Breakout Session II + Wrap Up


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